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Pros and Cons of Electric Forklifts

Compared to gas and diesel forklifts, electric forklifts tend to fare better for several reasons. They are ideal in cold climates and for indoor use such as within warehouses.

While they are more expensive up front, they tend to provide better return on investment as they:

  • Are most cost-effective to run
  • Last longer
  • Quieter and run smoothly
  • Have no emissions

To better understand electric forklifts, we have put together a pros and cons list below. We feel the advantages of electric forklifts outweigh the disadvantages.

Electric Forklifts – Pros

Some advantages of electric forklifts are:

  1. By eliminating the cost of fuel, you are likely to save thousands of dollars each year
  2. Electric lift trucks do not have engines, transmissions or radiators thus you save on planned maintenance and repair maintenance
  3. Operator productivity is often higher due to fewer hand, arm and foot movements required to operate an electric lift truck
  4. Electric forklifts have no tailpipe emissions resulting in a better and more safe work environment
  5. Electric lift trucks are quieter during operation which means a better work environment
  6. There are fewer waste fluids to dispose of due to no engine, transmission or coolant fluid changes
  7. Capacity ratings and stability are usually better at high lifting heights, partly due to a lower centre of gravity
  8. Braking is automatic in electric forklifts as soon as the operator’s foot is removed from the pedal resulting in less wear and tear for the brake pads

Electric Forklifts – Cons

Disadvantages of electric forklifts include: 

  1. The purchase price is higher when compared with diesel forklifts
  2. The cleaning, watering and charging requirements of the expensive industrial battery are very important and may not be manageable in a multi-shift operation
  3. Forgetting to charge the battery overnight could result in significant productivity consequences, especially when the business operates with only a single forklift
  4. Adequate ventilation is required around the forklift when the battery is being recharged
  5. The forklifts may not meet performance and reliability expectations when exposed to cold, wet weather or corrosive applications

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