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Equipment hire provides an economical alternative for customers.

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Forklift Hire in Sydney & Central Coast

Cheap Forklifts in Sydney
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Need forklift hire in Sydney? We have been providing forklift hire & forklift sales in Sydney for over 25 years. We specialise in providing quality new and refurbished cheap forklifts Sydney-wide to the building, construction, and transport industries.

Forklift hire or purchasing a used forklift provides an economical alternative for customers looking to avoid significant financial outlays associated with new equipment purchase. We carry a wide range of used forklifts in Sydney. Contact our forklift hire and sales team for more information.

Fully-serviced and safety compliant, all of our rental models are of the highest quality. All of the models we offer for forklift sales, from 1 tonne electric forklifts though to 7 tonne LPG and diesel, are available to rent at competitive prices. Call us today on (02) 9679 8992 to discuss lease options.

Hire a Forklift as a Short Term Solution

If your material handling equipment breaks down or if you need additional equipment during seasonal peaks, we can provide a new equipment for however many days, weeks, or months you need.

For companies that do not regularly require material handling equipment, we can provide specialist advice on selection along with a wide range of rental options.

Forklift Hire - A Flexible Long Term Solution

Companies dealing in logistics may consider renting equipment in the long term, as this may be a more economical option. When you rent quality equipment, weekly payments are tax deductible on pre-tax income, which may be advantageous depending on the nature of your business.

Long term hire may also be beneficial if you anticipate that your needs may change over the life of the equipment. As your requirements change, you can exchange your hire model for another from our fleet that better suits your needs.


How much do Forklifts cost?

Forklifts range in price from around $15,000 or as low as $7000 for a stacker forklift. Premium forklifts can cost as much as $100,000 or more depending on capabilities

Should I buy or rent a forklift?

You should buy a forklift if you need a long term solution whereas renting a forklift is more suitable for shorter usage periods or if your budget doesn't allow a purchase.

Should I buy a new or used forklift

For peace of mind, a new forklift is a better option however used forklifts are a great option because of price, if they are in good condition and have a great service history.

For forklift rental Sydney-wide as well as used forklift sales, contact us today on (02) 9679 8992 or contact us online.

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