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Forklift Safety

What can I do to ensure my material handling equipment has a long life?

Be sure that oil, water, and brakes are checked daily.

We recommend you have your machines, both new and 2nd hand forklifts, serviced every three months. Regular forklift servicing helps avoid costly – or even dangerous – breakdowns.

Our forklift servicing and repairs vans can come to your site for scheduled maintenance.

What precautions can I take to avoid accidents?

Having safety procedures in place for both those interested in purchase and forklift rental. Sydney businesses should:

  • Never load a truck beyond its rated capacity. If you’re unsure of a vehicle’s maximum capacity, inspect it, check the manual, or call us. Excess loads will cause a vehicle to tip over.
  • Always secure the load before moving it.
  • Make sure all operators have been trained and tested properly, and are regularly evaluated. Particularly in the case of forklift rental, Sydney businesses need to make sure that the vehicle operator has the appropriate licence.
  • Operators should wear seat belts at all times so that they are not thrown out or crushed if the vehicle tips over.
  • Operators need to always watch out for pedestrians, as the visibility of people on foot may be impeded by the vehicle or the load. Always slow down when near people and sound your horn.
  • Never allow a person to stand or pass under the forks, regardless of whether they’re loaded or not.
How can I prevent the vehicle from becoming unstable?
First, remember that forklifts steer from the rear, not from the front like automobiles. This causes them to swing widely on turns. Sudden turns can throw the vehicle off-balance, so always drive and turn slowly. You should also take care to slow down on grades and inclines.

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