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Top Brand Forklifts

Why Top Brand Forklifts Are Right for Your Business

Modern forklifts are major assets for all businesses. They manage workflow, manage time, improve handling, and offer a range of very high value efficiencies in many roles. That said, not all forklifts are equal. There are qualitative differences between brands, and the top brands are in many ways in a league of their own.

The new “species” of forklifts are based on technology, and of course the top brands have a technological edge. They’re also the drivers and prime movers for new technologies, developing solutions for new roles for forklifts.

The Top Brands

The top brands in forklifts are arguable, but nobody would disagree with these famous names as market leaders. They are specialist forklift brands, and if you check out their new models, you’ll have no difficulty seeing why these brands are so highly respected and deliver such great business value.

  • Manitou: This brand has a truly stunning range of forklift models, in many different configurations for all types of roles. Manitou is quite rightly considered a major innovator in design. One look at these designs will show you why Manitou is considered a real market leader.
  • Toyota: Toyota forklifts are the classic modern forklifts, featuring a very broad range of models with high capacities. Toyota brand forklifts include some of the most powerful and versatile forklifts on the market, combined with Toyota’s trademark agility.
  • Linde: If you’ve ever seen a late model forklift anywhere, chances are about 1 in 3 that the forklift you saw was a Linde. The Linde forklifts are very good examples of the new generation, with excellent capacity and scalability for practically any role. Linde forklifts are very popular in the freight, warehousing, and distribution sectors.
  • Crown: Crown forklifts include a truly excellent and large range of different models for different roles. This range includes everything from heavy lifters to beautifully designed interior forklifts and high bar lifters. If you haven’t seen the full Crown range of forklifts, be prepared to spend a little extra time just scrolling through the many different models.

Comparing the Top Brands

Best practice for purchasers is to evaluate each choice on the basis of:

  • Load capacity
  • Agility onsite (particularly for the warehouse operations and construction sectors)
  • Attachments and ability to manage multiple roles
  • Reach capacity for stock handling for shelving, and similar needs.
  • Specific needs (for industrial purposes, see configurations of lifting forks, etc.)

It’s fair to say that you can bring a whole shopping list of capacity and handling requirements and find exactly what you want with each of these brands. You’ll also get a useful look at the very latest forklift designs on the market.

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