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Forklift Operation – Understanding the Nuts and Bolts

A good forklift operator is a major asset for any business.

Most people don’t know that forklift operators are the people who manage workflow, solve handling issues, and ensure that things run smoothly on site.

Modern forklifts have added another dimension to this basic role – drastically improved efficiencies.

The new generation forklifts are very good at managing the gigantic flow of goods and materials around the world.

The Core Business Issues of Forklift Operation

These are the critical nuts and bolts of forklift operation:

  • Forklift performance management: An experienced forklift operator can use forklifts to deliver great performance values, managing huge loads quickly and well. The mix of a good operator and a good machine instantly adds direct dollar value to all aspects of handling.
  • Handling roles: Another somewhat underrated value of forklift operations is managing handling in motion. While on the move, forklift operators deliver quick, efficient, and productive handling options for any environment. Smooth performance and load management also manage space and time for businesses.  
  • Safety and risk: All business owners know that handling loads includes risk, and sometimes significant risk. Forklift operators are trained and certified in safety, protecting the business from potentially severe costs in damage to goods and people. This is particularly important in freight and distribution, where the cost of losses from damage can be something you really don’t want to have to think about.
  • Site operations: Current generation forklifts are far superior to the old range of machinery. New specialised forklifts can manage loads in tighter spaces, delivering capacity and performance in the most complex of work sites. (Good example – You’ll notice the very cost-conscious freight and construction industries use a mix of different sizes and capacity forklifts; this is why.)

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