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Maintenance Advantages of Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts have several major advantages over other types of forklifts. They’re lightweight, and relatively mechanically simple, without the large numbers of moving parts. Electric forklift maintenance is therefore comparatively easy, and significantly cheaper.

Electric forklifts, in fact, are as good as their petrol-powered equivalents, without a lot of the drawbacks from a technical standpoint. They’re just as powerful, too, using similar lift mechanisms, but easier to run and maintain.

Basic Electric Forklift Maintenance

Modern electric forklifts have more in common with your TV than they have with old-style petrol forklifts, in terms of design. The electric forklifts are made to be easy to maintain, even the very latest forklifts for auto-picking, and the big new industrial-scale warehouse “species” of new electric forklifts.

Maintenance workers can access all on-board systems on electric forklifts easily, without taking apart major assemblies. The batteries on an electric forklift, for example, can be taken out and replaced in seconds. Other systems are equally easy to access and handle, saving a lot of time in forklift repair work.

Comparing Electric Forklifts to Petrol Engine Forklifts

Their comparatively very light weight makes electric forklifts easier to transport to job sites, and easier to handle for even major maintenance work. They don’t have big, clunky petrol engines, or other weights, another advantage for onsite maintenance.

Another major difference, of course, is that electrical forklifts don’t need fuel to be kept onsite. This is a good money saver, eliminating fuel costs, and improving onsite safety. Petrol also has to be stored safely, adding a level of infrastructure to basic operations.

Bottom Line Maintenance Considerations

The relative simplicity of electrical forklifts has many benefits in terms of maintenance. The petrol engine forklifts are basically the old-style type of design, with a lot of mechanical features related to the engine. That very high maintenance configuration naturally increases maintenance costs in any repair scenario. If you’re paying by the hour for maintenance, the cost comparison is easily won by the electric forklifts.

The very efficient design of electric forklifts also delivers much better metrics from a business perspective. Forklift servicing is quick, reducing downtime, and the lack of extra mechanical components eliminates a whole range of complexities in both servicing, like finding parts, as well as improving turnaround time for service.

Looking at Electric Forklifts for Your Business?

If you’re thinking of acquiring electric forklifts, a word of advice from experience – talk to the specialists before you spend a single dollar. You can get very good electric forklifts at very good prices, even top brand forklifts like Toyota, Hyster, Yale and Clark.

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