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How to Invest in Your Warehouse

The modern warehouse is a high-value investment in a supercharged market. If you invest in onsite facilities and equipment wisely, this investment is sure to have a lot of upsides.

The core issues for warehouse investment are all about efficiencies. You need excellent space management, top quality handling equipment and good risk management in the form of ergonomics, OHS, and onsite organisation.

Space Management

Every warehouse operator knows the value of space. Space in a warehouse has real dollar values and you can add to those values with a combination of management measures:

  • Modern CAD warehouse design works with your onsite equipment, access and goods handling metrics to deliver high-value layouts. You can actually add space and improve onsite operational dynamics using these methods
  • This type of space management can also be applied to existing warehouses, adding a lot of value to your premises.

Storage, in particular, is a very valuable component of your warehouse. Try to create an area that is flexible, customisable and one that uses all the cubic space effectively.


Modern warehouses use top of the range equipment that is selected for custom operations.  Everything from the size and type of your forklifts to load metrics is carefully selected to deliver the best access, best handling metrics, and most effective results.

Forklifts are a good example of this customised approach to handling. When choosing forklifts for a warehouse, select options with the handling, load capacity and operation that suit your environment. The other good news for warehouse operators is that the latest forklifts from brands like Toyota and Nissan are perfect for this selection process.

Ergonomics and OHS

Ergonomics applies to machines and buildings as well as people. It reduces the strain and wear and tear on equipment, particularly hard working and essential equipment like forklifts and onsite transport trucks.

In risk management terms, your investment in the practical ergonomics through layout and equipment will deliver much more efficient OHS, reducing risks as well as improving business values. That’s a major positive value that will help warehouse operators to minimise costs.

On the other hand, operational ergonomics will as help warehouse operators to shift into a high-performance environment. Demand is driving innovation – modern warehouses should be ergonomically designed to leverage high quality equipment, higher efficiency output and best practice procedures.

Getting it Right

Aussie Forklifts can help you with forklift selection, forklift maintenance, and even brand-specific forklift services like Toyota forklift services. Whenever you need forklift assistance at your warehouse, turn to our team. We’re available throughout the Sydney metro area. Call us on (02) 9679 8992 or contact us using our online contact form to talk to one of our experts.