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Daily Maintenance Checklists – Electric Forklifts

Daily maintenance checks are best practice, an essential part of good forklift maintenance, and this is no different for electric forklifts. These checks can find problems before they become potential risks and OHS issues. Your daily maintenance check will find any issues, fast.

Forklift Maintenance Checklists and How They Work

The checking process is a systematic check of forklift operational systems. The forklift maintenance checklist is simple, thorough, and covers everything. You can use a spreadsheet, a paper form, or a tablet to run through your checklist. It only takes a few minutes, and you can get a lot of useful work done, fast.

This is a typical forklift maintenance checklist:

  • Tyres – Check tyre condition and pressure. (Tyres are critical to forklift stability and operational performance.)
  • Brakes – Check parking and service brakes.
  • Steering – Check steering response and handling.
  • Fuel, water and oil – This check makes sure the forklift is properly supplied.
  • Leaks – Any type of leak, anywhere.
  • Batteries – Check batteries are properly charged.
  • Lifting system – The lift check confirms this critical part of the forklift is operating properly, without glitches.
  • Hydraulics – This includes hydraulic fluids, and system operations.
  • Engine – An engine check is to ensure that it’s running properly, and to test for any start-up issues
  • Gauges – Check that gauges are registering properly.
  • Safety fittings, lights, and horn – Check to ensure that all systems are functioning correctly.
  • Hour meter reading – This is a check of the start and end of shifts.
  • Comments – A description of the condition of the vehicle, from Good/ OK to a detailed description of faults and recommendations.

Using Your Forklift Maintenance Checklist on the Job

The forklift maintenance check is definitely not a cosmetic exercise – for management, it’s the instantly accessible status check on vehicles. It’s also the quick way to identify any need for forklift maintenance and repairs.

A simple daily check, in fact, can be a very good way of managing forklift service requirements for businesses. The daily check is a good operational routine, making sure that the vehicles are properly oversighted and that maintenance issues are fixed ASAP.

A less obvious benefit is the cost value of daily checks – these checks ensure that:

  • Compliance with workplace safety rules and laws.
  • The risks of breakdowns and resulting downtime are minimised.
  • Checking allows fast responses to problems saving time and money.
  • Operator and onsite staff safety is assured by ensuring that vehicles are in good working order, reducing risks of worker’s compensation claims.
  • Cost benefits of fewer repairs due to better maintenance, which can be significant in dollar terms.


The other good working benefit of daily maintenance checks is to provide useful information for professional forklift repair services like us. At Aussie Forklift Repairs, daily maintenance checks are our instant source of information for forklift servicing.

If your check has found problems and you need forklift services right now, call us immediately on (02) 9679 8992. If you’d like to arrange for a regular maintenance service, or have other needs, check out our website and contact us online. Whether you’re in a hurry or need services on a service basis, we’re here to help you.