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High Capacity Forklifts

High Capacity Forklifts: Getting Your Purchasing Right for Best Business Values

Forklift capacity is very important for managing workflow. Any good time and motion study will deliver a range of metrics to show what’s right and wrong with your handling capacity, work turnarounds, and other critical core business needs.

The next question, of course, is how to improve these metrics to reach business outcomes. The most basic improvement, naturally, is in capacity. These are the basic issues:

  • Capacity vs turnaround time: Low capacity handling is naturally slower and much more time consuming. It’s an expensive, and sometimes infuriating problem, particularly when working to strict contract deadlines. You can solve this problem easily with more load capacity and better onsite performance.
  • Capacity vs agility: In the past, high capacity forklifts were big, clumsy, and definitely not suited to some workplace environments. New generation forklifts are very agile, even when handling heavy loads. Many top brand forklifts are specifically designed for much better turning circles, narrow space access, and similar common onsite problems.
  • Capacity vs safety: The classic safety risk scenario with any forklift is overloading. It’s arguable that more forklift accidents have been caused by trying to speed up work by overloading than for any other reason. The new forklifts have solved these problems with a mix of excellent vehicle design, combined with agility and very high load capacity. The new machines also use better attachments to ensure safer handling.

High Capacity Forklifts and Dollar Values

Better performance is one thing; better financial value for your business is the other critical part of the equation.

The dollar values from high capacity forklifts stem from the following key metrics:

  • Bigger loads mean better workflow: This is one metric which can literally be costed to the last cent. Compare current load handling work rates with higher capacity work rates, and it’s no contest. Higher capacity saves money in terms of workflow times, and adds value in load volumes. Compare the current generation high capacity Toyota, Crown, Linde, and Manitou forklifts to see how superior the new high capacity forklifts really are.
  • Better onsite performance improves overall site operations: This is another un-arguable metric. The simple fact that the new high capacity forklifts can outperform lower capacity forklifts speaks for itself. They can do the existing workflow more easily, and actually add extra capacity for your business.
  • High capacity forklifts come in all shapes and sizes: This is the real ‘Game Over’ for proving better business value for high capacity forklifts. You can now source high capacity forklifts in the top brands for all kinds of roles.

They can deliver the performance you need. Whether you need a big mobile outdoor forklift, a high-reach specialist forklift, or a super-agile indoor electric forklift to manage multiple load types, there’s the perfect forklift available.

Trying to Find Top Quality High Capacity Forklifts in Sydney?

Aussie Forklift Repairs has all the latest top brand, high-capacity forklifts from the world’s leading manufacturers. Whatever type of forklift you need, call (02) 9679 8992 or contact us online, and our experts will find you the perfect mix of capacity and performance. We also provide 24/7 services, and we’re happy to help with any special technical requirements.