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Forklift Acquisition and Sourcing

Best Practice Top Brand Forklift Acquisition and Sourcing

There’s a bit of a myth among industries using forklifts that sourcing and acquisition of top brand forklifts is expensive, and about as much fun as a visit to the dentist. But that’s certainly not the case. We’d like to debunk this myth, and show you how to source a great top brand forklift at a good price, with added benefits.

Forklift Acquisition Best Practice Basics

Never mind the budget soul-searching and agonizing over multiple quotes! Forklift acquisition is pretty easy, especially when you’re looking at top brands:

  1. Compare top brands: Let’s debunk the “expensive” myth right now. Start with the market leaders, like Crown, Toyota, Linde, and Manitou as good benchmarks for all the latest features. You’ll find these leading brands are very competitively priced, and you’ll find surprisingly competitive prices for current generation machines.
  2. Talk to your suppliers! There’s no need to wade through endless online searches trying to find what you want. Ask about forklifts for your specific needs. The latest forklifts include a truly huge range of options for all types of work, including attachments, load capacities, and purpose-built forklifts for work like shipping, stock management, distribution, etc. Be prepared for a few pleasant surprises in terms of both price and capacity benefits.
  3. Is hiring a better option, or perhaps a mix of purchase and hire? You can also hire forklifts to cut costs and get all the capacity you need. You can mix your acquisition with core fleet purchasing and extra capacity hiring whenever you want. Replace your old machines, get more operational capacity, and save money on outlays.

New Forklift Technologies Deliver Real Dollar Value

The new generation of forklifts offer truly excellent onsite business value. In addition to their scalable sizes and capacities, they’re also more agile, safer to operate, and mechanically very reliable.

New technologies have increased productivity and versatility. A couple of basic new forklifts with a full range of attachments can replace multiple old forklifts, and deliver better performance. Specialised forklifts can provide excellent handling for warehousing, special load management, and improve operational cost efficiencies through better handling times. The metrics speak for themselves.

Service, Repairs and Maintenance

This is a serious issue for operators that must be addressed when sourcing new forklifts:

  1. You must ensure that you have any services and support you need available at all times to reduce the risk of downtime. 24/7 service is the best practice option.
  2. Good suppliers can provide all the technical help and guidance you need.
  3. Regular maintenance (about every 6 months as a benchmark) reduces operational costs significantly. Hard working vehicles should be thoroughly checked to ensure minor issues don’t become real problems.

Looking for Top Quality Forklifts in Sydney?

Aussie Forklift Repairs has a full range of top brand forklifts for sale in Sydney. We also offer forklift hire services and 24/7 support, maintenance, and forklift repair services.  Call (02) 9679 8992 or contact us online, and ask us about forklift acquisitions for your business. We’re happy to assist with forklift selection and provide any additional help you may need.