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Standard Procedures to Follow When Buying or Renting A Forklift

Are you planning to buy or rent a forklift truck for your business? Before you rent the machine from a forklift hire service or purchase it, you need to consider several factors.  Here are a few factors you need to consider before you rent or purchase a forklift truck. 

The Lifting Capacity

The lifting capacity ought to be the most obvious and vital aspect of a forklift that you need to consider. Before you buy a forklift in Sydney or anywhere else, consider the load that the forklift needs to carry. You need to consider the size, the length, the width, and the height of the weight it can carry and relocate. Taking all these into account will help you calculate the lifting capacity of the forklift before purchasing it. 

The Height of the Mast 

Once you have calculated the lifting capacity, it is time to take into account its mast height, which is another very important factor to consider. For that, you need to consider the space the forklift is expected to work in, the clearance of the entrances, and the ceiling height in case the forklift will be used indoors. Thus, while renting or purchasing a forklift, you need to consider the room space available to manoeuvre and operate the machine, and whether it will fit into the entryways. 

The Operating Surface

These are the other two factors that you need to consider. Firstly, the terrain that the forklift is expected to move on to. If the forklift is supposed to shift loads across unsealed terrains, it will have to have a higher clearance quotient and need specialised tyres. Otherwise, a forklift with a standard tyre and wheel configuration will suffice. 

Thus, when you approach a forklift rental or sales service, consider the above factors. 

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