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New or Used Forklift – Things to Consider

When you’re looking at a choice between a new or a used forklift, there are positives on both sides, but it’s not necessarily a simple choice. A used forklift may be cheaper, but a new forklift can be a much better choice for a particular role. You may have limited choices in terms of outlay, too, so a bit of preliminary checking and research is advised.

Used forklifts

A used forklift should be fully reconditioned and serviced when purchased. For both safety and performance reasons, you need a fully operational forklift, not a “fixer upper” which turns your forklift maintenance schedule in to an epic fail.

Don’t even think about buying some poor old neglected thing that’s been lying around somewhere without getting proper servicing for years, however cheap it may be. These things are recipes for downtime and excessive added costs in forklift repair jobs.

You may not even be able to get parts for one of these machines, let alone service it properly. It may also cost as much or more than a new forklift, just for servicing, particularly if it’s been “rebuilt”. Always consider forklift servicing and maintenance costs, when purchasing a used forklift.

The strongest argument for used forklifts is a combination of lower price and performance. Older forklifts are fine for a range of roles, and some older vehicles on the market aren’t even that much older – just a few years. These vehicles still have plenty of years of work left in them.

A major issue with older forklifts is capacity. The previous generation of forklifts, pre global warehousing, aren’t in the same league as the current generation. This is particularly the case when you’re looking at the new “species” of specialised forklifts for auto picking, etc.

New forklifts

New forklifts have strong recommendations, particularly for very busy operational environments. They’re brand new, in perfect condition, any forklift services are covered by warranties, and the new machines are very good in terms of performance.

But consider this – do you really need a new forklift? You may simply need a good, reliable forklift that can handle your basic daily needs.

The best argument for buying a new forklift is suitability for its role. If you need a good forklift that can handle all your needs, improve handling costs, and deliver good performance, that’s game over; just buy it. You’ll get years of productive work out of it.


In either scenario, please be aware you also don’t have to pay top dollar to get what you want. You can save significant amounts of money, and get better servicing deals, too. At Aussie Forklift Repairs, we sell a good selection of both new and used forklifts, as well as providing a one stop shop for forklift maintenance and servicing.

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