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Forklift Servicing & Maintenance

Everything You Need to Know About Forklift Maintenance in Sydney

Forklift maintenance is an essential activity that ensures proper forklift operations. Regular forklift service and maintenance is the best way to increase its efficiency, productivity and longevity.

Here are the top things you need to know about forklift maintenance in Sydney:

Replace wornout components before their failure

Look for worn-out components when conducting regular forklift inspections before the start of any shift. Worn out components need to be replaced with new ones before they give way. This is the most crucial aspect of forklift maintenance

If the components wear out completely, they may damage other components nearby, resulting in significant repairs or even a breakdown. Thus, check every feature before you start using it. It is easier to replace the worn-out components than to face a forklift breakdown.

Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule

Used forklift repairs schedule is provided by all forklift dealers. This schedule is an effort to retain the machine in optimum running condition. So you must always read and follow the plan keenly. 

Different forklifts have different maintenance plans. Therefore, if a particular schedule indicates that the oil should be changed after the forklift is used for a specific number of hours, it should be followed to avoid later complications. 

The maintenance plan should include cleaning

Any repair professional who does used forklift repairs will confirm that a detailed maintenance routine must include cleaning and one of its features. However, if you want, you can clean it yourself. You can start by cleaning the tyres, as it is mandatory to keep them clean. 

Wash both the dusty and soiled parts. While doing so, examine the tyres for any breaks or cracks. If you notice any such cracks, then replace the tyre. Also, clean the frame of the forklift along with the engine. 

Always hire skilled professionals

Do not end up with an underserved forklift just because you want to spend less on maintenance. A great way to ensure that your forklift stays robust, durable and fully functional is to hire qualified forklift services to conduct maintenance. A few maintenance tasks performed by a forklift mechanic in Sydney include:

  • Greasing
  • Inspecting the fluid levels
  • Conducting 10 levels of checks
  • Replacement of engine oil 
  • General inspection
  • Horse replacements
  • Filter replacement

If you are searching for a skilled forklift mechanic in Sydney, visit Aussie Forklifts today.