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Why Quality Matters When You Buy a New Forklift

If you work with forklifts, you know how critically important your choice of forklift is to your business.

When looking at your options, it’s vital to consider:

  • Reliability: Forklifts are always under constant strain through their continual motion when carrying loads. You need a forklift that can handle any job without having to worry about its dependability, downtime, or other possible issues with the forklift’s operations.
  • Capacity: Load capacity is one of the key factors in productivity. That’s not simply because a higher load capacity forklift can carry more; capacity also means management of overall workloads, better turnaround times and lower costs for your business.
  • Performance: Forklift performance is a mix of ease of operation, onsite suitability, and how the forklift delivers better handling of materials and workloads. Driving performance is another critical issue, including both workload management and safety considerations.
  • Suitability for the role: Performance considerations also include specific functional requirements. Most forklifts use a range of forklift attachments, order picking cages, spreaders, and a very wide selection other role-specific needs.
  • Agility: Agility is a critical issue in many handling and distribution environments. In the construction sector, agility is a major issue for access, load movements, and onsite safety. In warehousing, agility is also a major factor in space management, where warehouse design may require forklifts with specialist capabilities to manage multiple types of goods and materials.
  • Up to date safety features: Safety features include everything from safe operator housings to better tyres, better suspension, super-safe lifting, driving, and attachments. These are NOT “optional extras”. They’re best-practice risk management, and no company that uses forklifts in Australia would disagree.

Finding the Right Forklift

The other big issue for businesses looking at forklift acquisition is simple, but important – getting the right forklift for your needs. Modern forklifts, particularly top brand forklifts, are far superior vehicles and offer a lot of new features, but you need to explore your options to determine the most ideal one.

For a useful overview of the new models, check out the top brands like Toyota, Crown, Linde, and Manitou to see all the new features, performance and more importantly, prices. These acknowledged top quality manufacturers are market leaders. Their current range of forklifts can be used as a guide to the latest specialist role equipment, forklift attachments, and performance specifications.

You’ll find the prices are pretty good, but you should still speak with a specialist forklift supplier before making a decision. Discuss your needs before making any financial commitments. The specialist suppliers are real experts; they can help you with everything from the most basic requirements, to difficult technical issues.

Looking for New Forklifts in Sydney?

If you’re in the market for a new forklift in Sydney, speak with Aussie Forklift Repairs. Simply give us a call on (02) 9679 8992 or contact us online, for friendly, knowledgeable service and solid, budget-friendly deals. If you’re looking for forklift maintenance in Sydney, we also provide 24/7 services including our mobile forklift service.