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Forklift Repair Services

Preventive Forklift Care Offered By Reputed Forklift Mechanics

Like any other form of equipment, your forklifts should undergo periodic maintenance. However, there are times when forklifts may exhibit certain issues, which – if ignored – can lead to major problems and in some cases cause a complete breakdown of forklifts. Therefore, it’s important to enlist a reputed forklift mechanic in Sydney to maintain your forklift regularly.

Read on for some fool-proof methods of looking after your forklift that can prevent a bigger issue…

Lubricating the mast chains and replacing damaged chains

Corrosion, kinking, and rust are the three most common physical issues that plague forklift masts. To avoid this, your mechanic will keep the mast chains well-lubricated. However, if the chains are damaged, they must be repaired or replaced without delay. Failure to repair or replace the chain immediately can cause irreparable damage to the internal components and mechanical anatomy of the forklift, and it can cause the machine to seize up or break down in the middle of operations.

In a worst-case scenario, damaged lift chains can fail in the middle of crucial operations, dropping the load it’s carrying, risking damage to the load, and – more importantly – injuries or even fatalities to the employees close to the machine or the operator. Subsequently, it’s important to undergo preventive maintenance from a reputed forklift mechanic in Sydney.

Plug hydraulic system leakages

Often, oil leakages from hydraulic systems may be mistaken as oil spills from machine lubrication and ignored. If the engine bleeds oil, it may result in an engine seizure, rendering the machine useless. Therefore, forklifts must be taken for preventive maintenance to plug the issue of hydraulic system leakage before it results in a complete breakdown.

Bent Tynes

Forklift tynes perform the important tasks of lifting heavy loads. At times, they may bend due to overload. They may eventually break, damaging the load or the product, and causing a heavy loss for the stakeholders. If your tynes are bent or have lost even ten per cent of their original thickness, they should be replaced. Tynes should never be repaired as they may compromise the manufacturer’s specifications and safety.

While these are primary problems faced by forklifts, secondary problems include sticky mast, faster draining out batteries, and the like.

If you’re based in Sydney, as well as forklift maintenance, we also offer forklifts on hire to ensure your operations are not affected, even when your forklifts are down for maintenance. Call us at the earliest to fix an appointment before getting your forklift to us for quick servicing.

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