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Need an Extra Forklift? There Are Very Good Reasons Why You Might.

Your business may be far more dependent on your forklift(s) than you realise. If you’re thinking about getting an extra forklift, there are some very persuasive business reasons for deciding to.

Operational Needs for Extra Forklift Capacity

If you’re wondering whether you need an extra forklift, there are several issues to consider:

  • The bottom line in forklift operations is that your forklift is a core business asset. It’s always on the move, getting the job done, every day. Your forklifts are also the workflow manager, handling any amount of materials on a given day.
  • The most straightforward problem is that if you lose forklift capacity you also lose money in downtime and turnaround time problems. There’s nothing quite like a backlog for pushing all the extra cost buttons, is there? That’s a potentially annoying, and certainly expensive, risk.
  • Older machines are more prone to breakdowns and added servicing costs. Forklifts are tough, and may remain in service for many more years, but if your fleet is all older vehicles, the servicing costs will inevitably rise. Servicing may become more difficult, too, if parts aren’t available.

Future Business Needs

Another very relevant business issue is that workloads tend to increase over time. As your business grows, handling needs will also grow. Using existing capacity obviously isn’t going work, if you’re moving twice the amount of materials without added capacity.

The good news is that adding capacity also increases your scope for earning extra revenue. If you’re in warehousing, construction, or distribution, added capacity can deliver real revenue values. You can deliver more services, add handling capacity, and expand your business with new acquisitions.

Choosing Your New Forklift(s)

Obviously, your new capacity has to also deliver clear business values and practical operational values. Many forklifts operate in multiple roles, often including a mix of different types of forklifts for handling, stacking, loading, etc.

Here we have some tips for choosing your new forklifts:

  1. See the latest on the market: These forklifts are super-efficient, versatile, and extremely good value in both cost and operational efficiencies.
  2. Use the top brands as a guide: Major brands like Toyota, Manitou, Crown, and Linde are virtual catalogues of prices, operational technologies, and excellent quality standards for your purchase.
  3. Talk to the experts! You can get a very good new or used forklift for a good price if you source from specialist suppliers. You’ll also get practical help with your selection, and all the technical support and guidance you need.
  4. Don’t forget about servicing and repairs: The bottom line here is that you can get both a good new forklift and services from the right suppliers. Best practice is 24/7 servicing and backup whenever it’s required.

Thinking about Getting Extra Forklifts in Sydney?

Aussie Forklift Repairs is your one stop shop for forklifts in Sydney. We provide a full range of top brand forklift maintenance services like our Toyota forklift services, and we’ll get you a great deal on a new or used forklift. See our website to learn more and get practical advice. Call us on (02) 9679 8992 or contact us online to find out more.