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How Hard Is It to Source Replacement Parts for Forklifts?

Sourcing replacement parts for forklifts needs to be very easy and straightforward. If there are problems with sourcing parts, the forklift may be unusable or unsafe to operate. Downtime due to problems sourcing parts is another problem to be avoided at all costs.

From a purely business perspective, replacement parts are critical. An inoperable forklift means a serious loss of capacity, reduced workflow and added strain on your assets. Fewer forklifts doing more work could also mean more breakdowns and more problems with sourcing parts.

If this is starting to sound potentially expensive, you’re quite right. All it takes is a simple breakdown and your business is fighting a higher workload with the extra time and money that implies.

Sourcing Issues and Solutions

There are several ways to avoid these situations. The most obvious critical issue is to ensure that you have easy access to parts. Where you source your forklifts and what type of forklifts you operate are critical factors.

Top-brand forklifts are always better for sourcing parts. Name brands, like Toyota, Nissan, Hyster, Crown, and Mitsubishi, are easier for this purpose. The big brands have excellent distributor and service networks.

When you buy your forklift, always check for parts availability from your suppliers. If they also do the servicing and maintenance, you’ll have no problem sourcing parts.

Always deal with forklift specialists for sourcing both forklifts and maintenance services. Your specialists will be able to provide all the expertise you need. Equally important, they’ll also be able to source authentic manufacturer parts, which are far superior to “Brand X” parts.

Regular Maintenance Makes a Big Difference

The other way to ensure that you’re never stuck with parts and repairs issues is regular maintenance. This may seem like a no-brainer, but consider how busy your forklifts usually are.

The temptation is to put off the maintenance until the next job. You’re busy and you need your forklifts to be moving your materials ASAP, right? You have schedules and you have clients who need shipments.

Actually, you have a problem. There is a 100% certainty that your hard-working forklifts will need a bit of maintenance, simply because of this workload scenario. If they don’t get that maintenance, equipment failure is inevitable.

Believe us when we say this is also when you’ll find out exactly how hard it is to source parts for your forklifts.  Any problems with sourcing parts will mean that you’re well and truly behind in your workflow.

Making Sure You Never Have Parts Problems

So the question, “How hard is it to source replacement parts for forklifts?” is a question you never want to have to ask. The easy way to do that is to deal with a specialist forklift company that also does servicing and regular maintenance.

Looking for Forklift Specialist Services?

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