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Factors to Consider When Arranging a Forklift Hire

If you are in the market for a rental forklift, certain important factors should be considered before signing an agreement with a hire company. It is to ensure you get the most suitable machine for your particular application. Having the right forklift for the job affects operational cost, the operator’s health and safety, productivity, and better stock management.

The Load Weight

One of the key factors when going for forklift hire in Western Sydney or anywhere for that matter is the load weight that needs to be lifted. Forklifts have manufacturer’s ratings that state the max load weight the machine can safely lift.

The load capacity is found on a metal plate on the unit which is called the rating plate. If the forklift lifts loads higher than its rated load weight, there will be accidents and consequences like:

  • Injury of the operator and other employees
  • Product loss and damage 
  • Damage to the forklift requires the services of forklift mechanics 

Maximum Height of Lift

When it comes to operating forklifts, the maximum capacity of the equipment to lift is affected by the height of the loads it carries. It is because of load stability and weight distribution. If the machine lifts a heavy load at a height higher than it is rated for, it will result in accidents, injuries, and damage to the forklift, requiring major crown forklift repairs.

Fuel or Engine Type

Forklifts are available with internal combustion engines – fueled by petrol, diesel, or LPG and electric or battery operated.

For use in enclosed spaces and with handling products such as food, pharmaceuticals, or chemicals, an electric forklift would be suitable as it has zero emissions and is considerably silent.

Internal combustion (IC) lifts suit better for outdoor use and heavier handling. Most modern IC forklifts are fuel-efficient and have much lower emissions.

Type of Ground Surface

Different lift machines have different types of tyres, and you need the right tyre for the terrain the forklift will be working on. Some forklifts work best on smooth ground like in a warehouse, while some are capable of working efficiently on rougher ground. You will need to check the ground surface of the location where the equipment will be used. Plus, there is also the matter of tyre radius. When inside a warehouse or narrow lanes, the forklift will need to have a much sharper turning radius.

These are just some factors to be considered before hiring forklifts for your business.

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