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Buying a Used Forklift – Repair Problems to Look for

When buying a used forklift, defects are an obvious possible issue The problems start when you buy a “bargain” that turns out to be a repairman’s dream. There’s a big difference between routine forklift maintenance and servicing, and over-the-top extra costs, so be careful when buying.

A couple of buying tips before we start:

  • A beat-up looking old forklift may well be in good mechanical condition, and a new-looking forklift with a new coat of paint may be a black hole for your money.
  • Working forklifts always get a few bumps and scratches, so why would a “used” forklift look like it’s never been used, anyway?
  • Forklift specialist dealers are a much safer bet when buying used forklifts in terms of vehicle quality, safety and mechanical reliability. 

Examining a Used Forklift

Your “bargain” forklift must be reliable, safe, and able to do the job. You need to see the forklift operating to make an assessment. There are a few critical issues which are a virtual shopping list of repair issues you definitely don’t want to see in any forklift.

  • Lift problems – Possible lift problems include mechanical defects, hydraulics issues, and basic performance issues managing loads. The bottom line here is that a forklift that can’t lift is basically a dud.
  • Electrical problems – Indoor forklifts are electrically driven, so the batteries, drive, and transmission are important operational issues. Electrical issues may be trivial or serious, and potentially expensive.
  • Steering, brakes and suspension – Problems in this area relate to onsite safety and performance. If the steering or the suspension has problems, the vehicle is unsafe by definition. 

Easy Fixes for Used Forklifts

Now the good news – if you have thorough forklift maintenance and repair services, a bit of consultation can save you a lot of time, frustration and money. A phone call to your forklift repairs people can give you a lot of information, including:

  • An accurate estimate price for any work that might need doing.
  • A professional assessment of a used forklift.
  • Instant expertise and knowledge about possible problems.
  • A good estimate for a reasonable price for your forklift, based on brand, model, and age. 

This is the easy way to save money, and have some reliable numbers to work with when you’re buying a used forklift. 

If you’re in Sydney, and looking for a used forklift, you can give Aussie Forklift Repairs a call on (02) 9679 8992 or contact us via our online form. We’re happy to help and give you any advice you need, and we can tell you everything you need to know about forklift repairs and service forklift defects of any kind. By the way – we also sell used forklifts, including all major brands, so we can give you some good buying options, too.