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All about Forklift Attachments

Modern forklifts have a vast range of different types of attachments. The many different “species” of forklifts include a wide variety of handling attachments, forks, masts, and more.

The different types of forklifts have different capacity, different operational scope and, in some cases, are highly specialised. A further consideration is that many workplaces actually use multiple types of forklifts, and ancillaries like pallet handlers, high stackers, and other unique vehicles.

Checking Out Your Forklift Attachment Options

Please be aware that a bit of “due diligence” is required when assessing forklift attachments. Forklift attachments can deliver significant on-the-job values, but you really do need to do a complete assessment to get the best values.

Modern forklifts can use a very wide variety of attachments in many different roles. The best way to approach choosing new forklift attachments is to clearly define all your operational needs. You can then speak to your supplier and discuss your specific needs.

The different classes of forklift attachments vary quite a lot. You will need a little expert help to pin down the right tools specifically for the job you need done, but you can also get added value as well.

These days, a small forklift can do multiple jobs. It’s not really an overstatement to say that these forklifts can actually pay for themselves with the right attachments. These very high business values are well worth exploring. You may find that your little forklift can do a lot of work for you on an excellent cost base.

Forklift Attachments Overview

With forklift attachments, the job very much defines the range of attachment requirements. Depending on your sector, you may need specialised attachments, as per this very broad range of different classes of attachments:

  • Agriculture – Bale clamps, specialised forks, bin carriers, and all-rounder attachments
  • Warehousing – Pallet stackers, high reach masts, auto pickers, and similar specialised attachments
  • Manufacturing – High-capacity load forklifts, specialised attachments for handling specific goods if required, clamps, and similar attachments which
  • Shipping – High-capacity shipping container forklifts, telehandlers, and in some cases specialised goods.
  • Construction – On-site agile forklifts with appropriate attachments, static or mobile telehandlers, high-capacity materials handling forklifts

Take the time to explore the new technologies coming on the market. You’ll note that many of the new attachments and new model forklifts are specifically designed for high productivity in their roles. Discuss your needs with your supplier, and have a “meeting of the minds” on finding the best possible attachments to suit your needs. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the prices, too.

Ask Aussie Forklift Repairs about Forklift Attachments

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