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Why Choose Preventative Maintenance for Your Forklift?

Forklifts are very tough vehicles and very reliable, particularly the big name brands like ToyotaHysterClark and Yale. These top quality forklifts can work hard and take any kind of workload you throw at them. They’re made to deliver great on the job value, and they do.

Preventative Forklift Maintenance, Explained

The very high productivity of forklifts also means that they deserve proper maintenance, particularly preventative maintenance. Preventative forklift maintenance is exactly what it sounds like –maintenance to ensure problems don’t happen at all.

Some examples of forklift problems you can easily avoid, include:

  • A worn tyre can create problems for the suspension and the chassis. The tyre isn’t working properly, and creates a drag on the vehicle. The potential problem here is that suspension problems will affect the load, creating a real safety risk simply because one tyre needs replacing.
  • If the hydraulics are having problems, the lift may stall, or fail and be stuck in position, with a load still on it, perhaps high up. The result is a dysfunctional forklift stuck somewhere in the workspace, with load, for no good reason and because the hydraulic system wasn’t checked.

The Big Issues in Preventative Maintenance

There are a few major issues to consider regarding preventative maintenance, as well as the managing the risks of forklift breakdowns:

  1. Preventative forklift maintenance is a good way of ensuring the effects of wear and tear on your forklifts don’t turn in to big hits on the bottom line. Simple fixes can save you a lot of money, downtime, safety issues, and your hard-earned dollars.
  2. Proper maintenance for the big brand forklifts, especially the new generation of advanced forklifts, should only be carried out by authorised forklift service providers. This is exactly like an authorised repair for a car by accredited service people. It’s also a lot better than the dubious benefits of putting Brand X parts into a top brand vehicle.
  3. A preventative forklift maintenance service is easy to arrange and keep up to date – All you need to do is create a forklift maintenance schedule, and stick to it. This maintenance will pay you back in better performance, better safety, fewer repair costs, and improved productivity.

Organising Your Preventative Maintenance

It’s easy to organise preventative maintenance. Simply:

  • Call your authorised forklift maintenance and repairs service providers and tell them what you want.
  • Schedule an initial service call, and arrange for servicing on a regular basis from that point onwards. (Six months is the recommended period. This is because stresses on vehicles and vehicle systems need to be monitored regularly, and the six-month time frame is safer in terms of preventing damage from escalating.)

If you want preventative forklift maintenance in Sydney, Aussie Forklift Repairs can do it all for you and set up the maintenance schedule that’s right for your business.

We’re also authorised service providers for:

  • Toyota forklift service
  • Yale forklift service
  • Hyster forklift repair
  • Clark forklift repair

Give us a call on (02) 9679 8992 or come and visit our website and use our online contact form. We’re ready help you with your preventative repair needs.