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What is a Pallet Truck?

A pallet truck looks like a “sawn-off forklift”. They can be powered or manually-driven and they are a class of incredibly usefully handling gear.

Pallet trucks have excellent uses in just about any business, particularly warehouses and distribution centres.

Types of Pallet Trucks

If you search pallet trucks images online, expect to see a stunning range of different types. You’ll see powered models, manual models, and all sorts of designs. The range of designs is truly huge. Here are some basic facts:

  • They look like small forklifts, sometimes with driver mounts on the front rather than the back
  • Manual pallet trucks look like forklifts without the engine
  • Many pallet trucks have different bases. They can have flat bases, cages, and all the features of a forklift
  • Some pallet trucks are basically hand trucks with handles and are pulled rather than pushed

Pallet Truck Uses and Advantages

Pallet trucks are very useful and sometimes the best option for many jobs. Here’s why:

  • Agility: One thing all pallet trucks have in common is that they’re go-anywhere vehicles. They can access places that it wouldn’t be safe for a forklift to operate. They’re extremely manoeuvrable and very easy to handle, even with heavy loads.
  • Adaptability: The large range of different types means you have a whole host of functional choices.  If you’re dealing with a diverse range of loads, you’ll like the wide variety of choices and capabilities a pallet truck has. Many businesses have a fleet of pallet trucks, simply because they’re so versatile.
  • Cost: Pallet trucks are even cheaper than pre-owned forklifts in some circumstances, making them a good option for many types of work.  They can deliver a great deal, particularly if you’re thinking about cash outlays.
  • Anyone can use a manual pallet truck: Powered hand trucks are covered by vehicle regulations but manual pallet trucks aren’t. They’re a good option for moving anything around your site and excellent all-purpose movers when you need to transport anything heavy or bulky.
  • More choices, better options: You can get electric pallet trucks that are easily configurable to a whole range of different tasks. In fact, you can get just about any type of manual pallet truck for just about any job.

Selecting a Pallet Truck

Before you make up your mind about which pallet truck to buy, be sure to check out all the choices. There are plenty of good options, particularly in cost effective manual pallet trucks. You’ll find different sizes, different load capacities, and in some cases, better deals. Keep your mind open to all your choices when shopping around.

Need Some Help Choosing A Pallet Truck?

Aussie Forklifts can help you with your choice of pallet trucks. We’re your local Sydney professionals for buying or hiring forklifts and we’re here to help when you need to find a pallet truck, too.  Just call us on (02) 9679 8992 or contact us online and we’ll be happy to assist with your enquiry and help you find the right pallet truck for your business.