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LPG vs Electric Forklifts

If you want a great argument among forklift experts, ask which is better, an electric or LPG forklift. It’s an argument neither side can win. As a matter of fact, they’re both very good in their different roles, but it is important to understand the differences.

Comparing Electric and LPG Forklifts

Comparing these forklifts involves a range of talking points:

1. Weight: LPG forklifts weigh less than electric forklifts. The electric forklifts use big batteries, which are naturally heavy. Gas cylinders are significantly lighter.  A lightweight forklift is easily transportable and perfect for many types of work that heavier forklifts aren’t suitable to do.

2. Manoeuvrability: LPG forklifts are very agile, which is good in many different work environments. Their compact design is excellent in many roles. If your business handles a lot of materials in retail outlets or distribution centres, a lightweight forklift can be a major positive.

3. Purchase price: Costs vary according to model when buying a new forklift. In general, a lighter electric forklift and an LPG forklift aren’t sufficiently far apart in price to make much difference. (Second-hand prices are excellent for both types.)

4. Running costs: Arguably, electric forklifts are cheaper overall because charging is cheap compared to gas. In fairness, to make a proper comparison, LPG costs aren’t really very high.

5. Servicing costs: Both types do well in terms of costs for forklift maintenance. Modern electric forklifts are relatively easy to maintain, and LPG forklifts are very well designed for easy maintenance. Even a major repair job won’t break the bank in either case. Both types are good economically in terms of net costs.

6. Sustainability: Both LPG and electric forklifts do well in terms of sustainability. LPG has a low carbon footprint, thanks to catalytic converters and electric forklifts can be environmentally sound because they have relatively low emissions.

So, Which Type of Forklift Should You Choose?

The easy way to settle this argument to your own satisfaction is to be fussy. You want a forklift that can deliver the performance and reliability you need.  Check product specifications, load capacity and warranty, and don’t settle for anything less than what you want.

You can’t really go wrong with either type of forklift but you can get a great deal, so exercise your prerogatives as a buyer. A good forklift dealership will get the message and help you to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

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