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6 Advantages of Regular Forklift Servicing

If you’ve ever worked with forklifts, you may know this scenario all too well, and still wince at the memories:

You’re incredibly busy, and your forklifts are moving a lot of palettes for a big order for a major client. You’re loading on to trucks as fast as you can – then a forklift breaks down. You’ve gone from a good working operation to a potentially expensive mess, simply because one forklift isn’t working. Every minute of downtime is costing you money. Your schedule is looking pretty suspect too, with ramifications for other work. You eventually crawl home, six hours late, and feeling like you’ve just run a marathon after all that manual loading.

The usual “fix” for situations like this is a lot of extra work, costs, shuffling people and equipment, and above all, hard labour managing the job. It’s not much of a fix, by any standards, particularly for the bottom line.

How to Set up and Manage Regular Forklift Servicing

The simple, unavoidable truth is that all of these problems are easily avoidable with a regular forklift maintenance schedule. You can set up your forklift servicing with one phone call to your forklift maintenance and repairs people.

This is how it works:

  • Appoint a supervisor, preferably an experienced forklift operator, to keep an eye on any possible servicing requirements in case anything does need fixing right away. Remember that you’re also watching for OHS issues and performance problems.
  • Start your servicing schedule Organise a service call ASAP, and base future service scheduling around that first date or close to it.
  • Arrange for forklift maintenance every six months. In this time frame, your forklifts will usually only have minor issues. Routine servicing will allow any emerging issues to be fixed before they start adding a few digits to your maintenance budget.
  • Talk to your forklift repair service providers about your needs. Expert knowledge can help you stay on top of maintenance costs and also help manage your servicing times to suit your needs onsite. That’s extremely important when your work involves tight schedules.

The Big Advantages of Regular Forklift Servicing

You’ll be surprised at the instant positive effects of setting up your forklift maintenance schedule:

  1. Improved performance – Forklifts in good condition work very efficiently indeed, move more loads, and run better, helping your work schedule.
  2. Reduced costs – In direct contrast to the “wait until the disasters happen” scenario, your net costs for forklift repairs will decrease noticeably.
  3. Better OHS – Properly maintained forklifts are safer onsite.
  4. Better business capacity – Your fleet of forklifts can do more work, too, without the risk of breakdowns.
  5. Longer life for your forklifts – Good maintenance equates to longer service life.
  6. Peace of mind – You know you’ve got everything running well and workflow is good and on schedule.

If that sounds good to you, and you’re looking for forklift services in Sydney, just call us at Aussie Forklift Repairs. Visit our website and leave a message through our online contact form.